Around the house

 “Pipari” is growing. More that 40 homes are expected to be built over the next few years. Currently 12 houses are complete. Every one of them has an outside territory that can be used as a lawn or a garden.


First step

The first and most important step in the life of this village has been made – from being just our dream “Pipari” is now shaping into reality! The first street made up of 12 dwellings is ready to welcome its first residents. The next stage will involve 30 more houses joining in.


Every house has an outdoor territory of about 600sq.m. (that’s roughly 6500 sq.ft). Here grown ups can enjoy barbeques while children embrace the outdoor games and activities. There’s also a place for a small garden to grow your own vegetables or plant your favourite flowers.

A paved driveway allows you to park right outside your front door – no more dragging heavy shopping up several flights of stairs! Every house includes a storage space for gardening tools, bicycles and other household items you might want to keep out of sight.

Surrounding landscape

A landscape architect has developed a style for the whole of the village to look consistent. That of course doesn’t stop the residents from adding a bit of their own personal touch, transforming the back yard into a unique garden.

Planting large tall trees is part of the design concept; they add that extra charm and form the character of the village for the years to come.


All infrastructure in the village is available to all residents without extra charge.

  • Roads

    Black top finish on all roads

  • Walkways

    All paths leading up to houses are paved

  • Outdoor territory

    Outside territory of every property is landscaped and grass is planted on all lawns.

  • Lighting

    Streets are lit at night

  • Telecommunications

    Providers of phone, Internet and TV services are available in the area

  • Heating

    Gas boiler and under floor heating

  • Sewage

    All houses are connected to central sewage system

  • Water

    Centralised water supply to all dwellings

  • Electricity

    Electricity supply of 25A to all dwellings