The houses are prefabricated in Finland by OMATALO OY. Planning and construction on site is procured by SOMU MAJA, Latvia.

Energy efficient wall system

 “Low Energy” wall systems are used in all houses at “Pipari”. Designed in Finland using advanced technologies these walls ensure the uniform insulation and heat accumulation throughout the wall. The production process is completely automated which, along with sophisticated quality assurance methods guarantees the highest standards of construction are achieved. Floor to ceiling height is filled with 250mm thick rock wool panel. Triple glazed windows set in aluminium profiles protect residents from unwanted noise and help avoid heat loss. In addition to that, they look great, are easy to operate and clean.

“Somu maja” has acquired a long standing experience in constructing OMATALO OY houses in Latvia. With their help more than 450 families have moved to new eco-friendly homes.


Technical specification

Please open the PDF document to familiarise yourself with the detailed specification.