We are committed to do everything in our power to help you become a new proud owner of the “Pipari” house as fast and effortless as possible.
Would you like to call “Pipari” you new home? Call our sales specialist today and arrange a meeting. We will take care of everything else.

Are you interested in obtaining the rights to live and work in Latvia for you and your family? We can help.

Sales specialist

(Latviešu) Jānis Lisenko
+371 2638 3939 +371 6610 3030 info@pipari.eu

(Latviešu) Sadarbībā ar Luminor banku esam izveidojuši īpašu programmu “Kā dzīvot Piparos?”, kas nodrošina vienkāršu ceļu līdz mājokļa finansējumam.

Financial advice

(Latviešu) Gatis Macāns
+371 2 640 8634 gatis.macans@dnb.lv