As a resident of “Pipari” village you will become a part of Nature itself! Remarkable views right out of your windows will include greenery and flowers in full bloom in the summers and crispy snow-covered lawns in the winters – a fun and healthy environment for all ages to celebrate! In addition you will enjoy fresh air and friendly neighbours – and all that barely having to leave the city!

Comfort and Security

Enjoy hot summer night barbeques and the views from your terrace, while your children play on the grass and around the property. You can rest assured about their safety – no unauthorised vehicles are allowed in the village.

Have more fun – Together

We pride ourselves on creating a genuine and friendly community at “Pipari”. Here you feel comfortable not just borrowing salt from a neighbour, but celebrating Christmas and birthdays, sharing moments of happiness and creating new memories together.

Eco houses

Planning and construction of the village have been greatly affected by our commitment to the environment and therefore we have implemented the most recent, cutting edge technology to produce eco-friendly and energy efficient houses, maximising the use of sustainable materials and minimising carbon emissions.
Choosing our house – you are helping to preserve the natural environment for the generations to come!

Warm and economical

Forget about the high rise electricity bills that follow high rise buildings!
Multilayered wall systems prefabricated using advanced technologies developed in Scandinavia will keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, potentially saving you up to 60% on your heating bills.
Energy efficiency means you spend less money on paying the bills and more on your loved ones.

Highest possible standards

Security, comfort and orderliness can only be reached with a high level of standards. From planning and construction through to providing services, our main concern is the wellbeing of the “Pipari” residents.

Harmony and Happiness

We believe that a home is more than just a house. At home you and your family should feel comfortable and safe. “Pipari” is a quiet neighbourhood. Streets are lit at night and lawns are kept tidy. The trees have been planted and will be settling into place alongside new residents.
Our commitment is to create a home where you would want your children and grandchildren to live in!